Linear Weighers

Linear Weighers

The Role of Linear Weighers in the Weighing and Packaging Industry

If you have free-flowing and low-weight dry or frozen products that need gentle handling and packaging, linear weighers are perfect for the job. A few product applications are listed below, although there are also linear weighers specifically made for products that are more difficult to handle, like meat and salads.

Below is a list of dry and frozen products that work well with linear weighers, but it is not an exhaustive list.

  • Ground or whole bean coffee

  • Loose Tea

  • Chocolates

  • Nuts

  • Dehydrated Vegetables

  • Granular Products

What is a linear weigher?

Used in the weighing and packaging industry, linear weighers gently handle free-flowing products that have a tendency to move around during the packaging process. Linear weighers measure, weight and limit drop distances to minimize processing damage before packaging.

Linear weighers consist of five components:

  • Load cell

  • Weighing Bucket

  • Set of vibrating feeders

  • Control system with power supply

  • Feeder device

How do linear weighers work?

Products enter the weigher through a load cell and move along a conveyer belt to an infeed arrangement. The product is controlled and monitored as it moves along the trough and regulated by a pneumatic shutter before being carried into a weigh bucket.

The vibrating feeder system consists of upper, lower and fine feeders with valves located at the end of the lower and fine feeders to stop the product flow at the end of the course and fine flow phases. The product is then compacted, weighed. A cylinder or magnet opens the weight bucket so the product can be discharged for packaging.

Newer versions of linear weighers are much quicker and more accurate than older versions in the process of weighing products that are to be packaged in smaller portions.

Interfacing linear weighers to other equipment

Linear weighers can be used with packaging equipment, or in applications where filling is performed manually, such as with the 1-head long linear weigher.

Benefits of using linear weighers

  • Easy to operate and clean

  • Effectively mitigates dust generation

  • Fast, accurate weighing and packaging of lightweight, free-flowing products

  • Very economical use of space in mixing, weighing and packaging lines

  • Weighers can be interfaced and combined for increased speed and the ability to mix greater numbers of ingredients before reaching the packaging phase

  • Can be tailored to industry specific needs

  • Linear weighers are environmentally friendly; expect low maintenance and a long-life

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